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Smash It Demolition Derby’s Inc. was founded to promote demolition derby events by Tim Clark in 1997. Tim is a lifelong derby driver with over 20 years of racing experience. Tim shifted his focus from racing to promoting because he felt there were not enough professionally run events. Over the course of several years, Tim built a reputation as one of the top promoters in Ohio. In the spring of 2008, Smash It started to promote a national event, The Bash For Cash.

Smash It Demolition Derby’s Inc. is committed to raising the bar in the demolition derby industry. The one thing that hasn’t changed is the commitment to the drivers and the sport. Smash It Demolition Derby’s Inc. designs and runs it’s events to ensure they are safe and fair. We realize that we have to win the business of the drivers and fans with every event we run. As we move forward, you will see more from Smash It Demolition Derby’s Inc. We have some exciting plans for the future. Stay tuned to see what’s next!