Smash It as a company is no stranger to massive elimination motorsports events. Founded in 1998, Smash It started when the Clark Brothers bought out Paulus demo derbies a company that was based in Ohio, the first order of the new demo venture was to change the name and give a new attitude to the local derby world and make the company more driver friendly. From day one our mission was to treat all drivers with the respect that they deserve. Smash it began with 8 local shows and over the next few years with hard work and an open mind with a willingness to work with drivers we grew to 24 shows. In 2009 we decided to promote a national event named the bash for cash the show consisted of 4 classes and a purse of $30,000.00 and it was a success so we decided to make the show an annual event. 

  In 2012 Smash it bought out Back to back promotions a promoter based in Ohio with shows in Ohio and Kentucky and that added another 25 shows to our schedule. That purchase allowed us to take over the show named Turn Back the Clock. We decided to take the turn back the clock class and add it to our bash for cash event by doing this we knew we would have to expand the show to 2 days. In 2016 we decided to pay $10,000 to win the compact division also and that took the event to a mammoth three-day Bash for Cash. The event outgrew its initial home in Bellfountaine, Ohio and moved to Washington Courthouse, and outgrew it within three years. Bash for Cash is now held at the expansive Ross County Fairgrounds, and is the largest outdoor demolition derby in the United States. 

      In taking over Blizzard Bash and Capital City Carnage, Smash It breaks through one of the Demolition Derby borderlines, becoming the first "eastern" event hosts to crack the tough mid-west market. There will now be open avenues for the drivers to hopefully cross over, and it's hopeful more of the East Coast / Ohio drivers will try to venture to Topeka, and more of the western drivers will venture to Ohio which will be a boon for the derby community. While they are known for their premier events in March, May and November, Smash Its summer season includes more than 40 events in Ohio, West Virginia and Kentucky. Often through the fair season, Smash It will have two and three derbies going on, dividing their talented staff among the shows to ensure parity, equality and fairness.  

    Now, isolating only the $30,000 paid to the winners of the National Team Bracket at Blizzard Bash, and combining that money with the winners' share of the headline Bash for Cash divisions: $11,000 for the 80's Kicker Class, $10,000 to the Turn Back the Clock Class and $10,000 for compacts, and the $10,000 to win Capital City Carnage a total of eight drivers will share in $71,000 in prize money. While Blizzard Bash is limited in the number of entries in the team ranks (16 teams of four max, or 64 cars per bracket), Bash for Cash is nearly wide open. There were more than 500 entries among 11 divisions at Bash for Cash last year, with total purses at that event alone approaching the $130,000 mark.  

Blizzard Bash is in very able hands going forward, and the brothers are eager to get moving on the four days of wrecking cars, and have a list of news-making announcements to reveal this week. The one thing that has not changed in the 19 years of promoting derby’s is the commitment to the drivers they are the show and all of us at Smash it will never forget that.

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